The Mill


Lapped by the waters of the river Meschio, we can say that the hotel rises in the "vital core" of the city history itself. 
And in fact it is along this river that its most famous and prestigious Swords production took place, the so called" Serravalle blades " which spread throughout Europe and were forged with the help of the constant temperature of the Meschio waters. 

Also along the river after the first industrial settlements, paper mills were built, then silk factories (there is a beautiful museum to see about it) yet in the '900 wool factories took over. Furthermore, its water fed numerous stone mills, including the Favero mill, today turned into a hotel and restaurant. 


The building in the center of the island which now houses the restaurant dates back to '700 and in the bridge you can see included the ancient stones of the mill. 
In the early '900 a modern industrial mill was made (one of the first in the area) and large warehouses were built in "the mainland", which today houses the hotel and its bar.





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