Vittorio Veneto is located at the foot of the Alps in a strategic position as you can equally easily reach both the Dolomites and Venice, enjoying the mild climate that made this place once the holiday resort of Venetian noble families. We are in the heart of the

Prosecco wines area, surrounded by many other historical villages, hills and the nearby Cansiglio forest, which offer paths for walks and mountain bike tracks to the satisfaction of every kind of ability. On the side of the hotel there is the green bike path that leads to the various districts avoiding the traffic. 


Vittorio Veneto best known as the "City of Victory" is born from the he union of two ancient towns: Ceneda and Serravalle, which both have a history filled with remarkable characters and events. 
The rich past has allowed the city to grow with pride both in its artistic, architectural, religious and humanity aspects.


To the tourists the city appears thriving and full of life, the historical center hosts a crescendo of cultural and musical events, its arcades and its inns, especially in summer, express vitality and habits to meet in good company, perhaps after a day work ... The city has a dynamic industrial and handicraft zone, it is also a comfortable and pleasant logistics solution to reach Pordenone and Longarone famous exhibitions.



History of the Mill 




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